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Hi, I was an Designer in 3D dimensions.

graduated from Master of Landscape and Architecture Program @University of Toronto. 

I worked on large-scale urban projects, including river shore redesign, community planning & design, subway planning & design, etc, please see my project details here.

Please contact me if you are interested in my stories.

Culture, Care, and Centre

Design in 2016

Built in 2021

Site: Chang Ji City, Xinjiang Province, China

Toutun River is the critical water transportation in Chang Ji City, Xinjiang Province. Toutun river shore was surrounded by industrial areas removed for future green space. The design concept of the Toutun river shore is creating a connecting water body offering multi-experiences in naturalized and urbanized areas, such as restored wetlands, wildlife-observation areas, a water-side amphid theater, and an industrial park. The primary design strategy is using existing local plant species to recover and remediate the Toutun river ecologically and rebinding the Toutun River with surrounding human activities culturally.

Culture rebuild, water collection, green space restoration, and animal-human interaction can be the significant components of the project. 

Plan 1- xinjiang copy.jpg
The Transit Spine

Site: Interstate Highway 95, Hollywood, Florida, U.S.

Facing the risk of sea level rise and saltwater intrusion, most importantly, finding a way to integrate the sea level rise projections into future urban planning. According to a modeling series, it identifies the north-south topographic ridge area along with Interstate highway 95 will be a relevant safe area in Hollywood. More importantly, the traffic complexity makes Interstate highway 95 a significant conjunction with local streets, highways, canals, and railways. A similar situation is along with Interstate highway 95 from Florida to Maine. It is exciting to rethink the character of a transit system as a part of the urban fabric.

Urban Design.png

Water Flow Analysis (Left)

Water Experience Experiments (Bottom)

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