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I am Chloe Chen

A User-centric Designer, Problem Solver, and Critical Thinker.

I distill sophisticated ideas and demands into accessible systematic experiences for users to immerse, share and enjoy.

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My Design Philosophy

Solve The Right Problem

Rigorous research, analysis, and testing help to find the right problem to solve for the user, which leads to the right visualized solutions serving as the product.

Break Silos & Collaboration

I work seamlessly with collaborators to make more informed decisions and build conviction in my work. Communication brings clarity and alignment to design and development.

Thrive on Complexity

Complex challenges requiring deep product thinking make me grow into a thoughtful and comprehensive designer with flexibility, adaptability, and scalability to changing circumstances and priorities.

Design with solid product and business sense. Experienced in building and coaching design teams and leading the design of delightful products used by over 15m+ enterprise users.

I started with solution visualization and fell in love with problem-solving and business logic building alongside product design.

In my free time, I can be found exploring visual storytelling through photography, videography, and animation, learning about a wide range of subjects, including design, business, leadership, and management. 

I am intensely curious, and in a state of constant growth.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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