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I am Chloe Chen, a Senior Product Designer based in the SF Bay Area. 
I distill sophisticated problems and demands into accessible systematic experiences for users to immerse, share, and enjoy.
Unlock Efficiency:
Personalized Dashboards
for Every Role

Offering a role-based redesign, ensuring each user has the information and tools they need to excel in their specific role.

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From Free to Tee:
Seamless Subscription & Payment

Discover how a strategic redesign transformed a golf app's subscription process, skyrocketing conversions.

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The right fit, every shift:
Optimizing patient care through data-driven staffing.

An innovative platform streamlines nurse assignments by matching patient needs with nurse skillsets.

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Predict with precision, optimize with confidence:
Powered sales forecasting for smarter inventory management.

Leverage historical data and machine learning to accurately predict sales value, enabling inventory adjustments.

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Find Summer Programs:
Offering a meaningful summer

A non-profit institution of abroad website helps high-school and college students find summer programs.

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Code-based UI:
Design System with Atom and Token Design

Introduce and apply robust methods of linking UI design with coding to standardize component design.

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The Epitome of Architecture
Everyone's Architecture

Interactive installation to memorize the architecture master - Gio Pontii.

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Simple Moving:
Data Visualization and Analysis

a comprehensive solution for house hunting and moving, offering available rental properties and moving services.

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Appointment Making:
Quickly manage your schedules

A user portal to book appointments with your golf coach.

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